28-Day Weight Loss Program

Hey all,

I know it sounds like a phony promise, just like the ones we hear from the magic pill-pushing companies; I thought the same thing.  But, “YES!” you CAN lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days…IF you have it to lose of course.  ;-b

A huge reason that so few people can get and KEEP their results is because nobody wants to do the same exercises and eat the same exact way on-going, right? It can get boring doing the same exercise & eating the same exact foods week, after week, after week. I think you know what I’m talking about!

One of my favorite things about this program-and I think you’re going to love this too-is that each week has a different exercise & nutrition strategy. Some weeks you can have veggies, some you can’t. Some weeks you have starches, others you eat larger amounts of protein. This keeps it fun, fresh, and delivers results!

I get excited just talking to you about the program, and I could go on-and-on, so I encourage you to take a look!   (Attached)

By the way, here’s a peak at what’s included:

  • You’ll learn how to manipulate your macronutrients (proteins, carbs, fats) to put your body into the fat burning zone.
  • Discover a simple, strategic way to color-code your meals, to get the best results FAST!
  • Find out the magic of “Carb Load” day, where you can eat all of your favorite foods, and still lose weight.
  • We will teach you the strategic method of changing your diet & exercises from week to week to keep yielding the best results

This is not just a diet or an ordinary Bootcamp. This is an entire System of exercise & eating that will empower you to…

  • Lose 20 pounds in just 28 days
  • Drop a full pant or dress size
  • Make better nutrition choices without hassle
  • Enjoy the increased self confidence that comes with weight loss success
  • And so much more!

Contact Frank Wozny for more information at frank@totalsportscomplex.com or come into the gym to get started with YOUR 28 Day Challenge

P.S. – Like I said last week, Lean Eats is the only company out there with real chefs cooking your food. I had it in Kentucky at a convention not long ago, and was blown away. I know you will be too!


www.FitnessRevolutionWixom.com & Lean Eats

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