Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness Training

Group Fitness (Bootcamp) is similar to your general  “bootcamp” class except you won’t get lost in the crowd.  We keep the instructor to participant ratio low so each individual gets the proper instruction needed to succeed and be safe.  Large boot camp classes are becoming a thing of the past as instructors can’t provide the appropriate amount of feedback to participants when there is a group of 25 people.  All they are able to do is call out exercises and keep you moving with zero to little feedback on how YOU are performing the exercises.  This has led to many feeling unwanted, not important, or even worse, people getting injured.

It’s the next level of training. Your muscular strength and endurance will be tested when combined with cardiovascular movement. You will first learn how to perform each exercise safely and efficiently before you are pushed to your max.  Training included will be a mix of free weights and metabolic conditioning to get you the results you desire. Each session will be a total body workout that is challenging and feels like you’re training one-on-one with a private trainer within a group.

Great for all levels of fitness!

We focus on total body exercises that will increase your heart rate, engage your core, improve balance and coordination, and increase your metabolism after your last training session based on metabolic demands of the post workout recovery process.  You will utilize a wide variety of equipment that will keep challenging your body. Once your body thinks it knows what’s coming next, we change it up.  You will use items such as dumbbells, kettlebells, jump ropes, medicine balls, resistance bands, suspension straps, and more.

Our trainers are here to help you get the best experience possible and succeed by reaching your fitness goals. Being consistent with your training and habits as well as holding yourself accountable are crucial to being successful with a fitness goal. As a way of helping you do that you will have the opportunity to schedule each session you will attend.  If you miss we will call to check in with you, and to hold you more accountable, reminding you what your goals are.

To start your training you will first need to schedule a consultation with one of our professional trainers.  This process allows us to show you our facility, review your fitness goals, and decide what program would be the best option for YOU!

When signing up for Small Group Fitness you get:

  • Free Nutrition Packet
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Body Composition Measurements
  • Access to any of our trainers for questions and support
  • Web access to (optionally) schedule appointments