Personal and Semi-Private Training

Personal Training

During a personal training session clients will work directly with a trainer on their specific goals.  Your trainer would be focused 100% on you for the duration of that session.  Training sessions will last approximately 50-60 minutes and depending on your goals would focus on weight loss, strength training, muscle building, or toning.  All of our trainers are highly qualified and will get you the results you are looking for.

We will place you with a trainer that best meets your needs for your goals, time availability and your personal preference. During your free consultation/assessment your trainer and you will devise a plan to reach the new and better you!  During these consultations we will discuss:

  • Fitness goals
  • Nutrition
  • Medical background
  • Past failures
  • Barriers
  • Training duration
  • Off day workouts
  • And cardio plans

Semi-Private Training

Semi Private  Training (SPT) is for those individuals who would like to train with a small group of their choosing outside of our other class times.  SPT takes the feel of the small group training and makes it fit into your groups individual schedules.  The way SPT works is you make your own group of 2-6 individuals and schedule when you want to train and with one of our staff members you choose.  With SPT your group gets to set the goals and intensity of the training sessions.  The training sessions will utilize the same techniques and equipment as the small group training but the trainer will be able to make the program more specific to your needs and goals.

To sign up for SPT your group must first select one of our trainers and coordinate a schedule that will accommodate all members involved.  Having this schedule will help make each individual accountable to not only the trainer but to the entire group as well.  Pricing is based off the number of individuals per group so it is important that everybody makes it to each scheduled session.  See our pricing page for exact prices.

Just like the small group training, SPT will also get….

  • Free Nutrition Log, Recipes, & Nutrition Guides
  • Weekly Check Ins
  • Before and After Photo & Body Composition Measurements
  • Unlimited access to any of out trainers for questions and support
  • Web access to schedule appointments

Call us to receive a FREE consultation/assessment and see how we can help you achieve your goals. *call for pricing