Strength & Conditioning Class

Monday – Friday: 9:00-10:00 AM & 10:00-11:00 AM

$35 Drop-in

Strength Training Class One

Strength Training 6:00 A.M. Class

Level 1 Strength Training Class:

Strength Training Class two

Strength Training 6:00 A.M Class doing some Turkish Get-Ups

This class is designed for anyone interested in a small group that is interested in learning how to lift or improve lifting techniques. Focus is primarily on form and fitness. Basic nutrition guidance will be included as well. Basic barbell, Kettlebell, and body weight lifts will be the main focus. Metabolic conditioning will be a portion of the program as well to help with conditioning and weight loss.

Level 2 Strength Training Class:

Strength Training Class three

Strength Training 10:00 A.M. Class working on some 1-arm kettlebell swings

This class is designed for anyone looking to reach the next level in strength and conditioning. A basic knowledge of technique on barbells and kettlebells is recommended. Instruction on lifting and nutrition will be included as well as a specific understanding of program design as it relates to strength training.  You will be encouraged to push your personal limits in this course and will absolutely get stronger. This is not intended as a bodybuilding course. The focus is on maximizing the ability to be strong and lean while maintaining optimal movement patterns.