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Power Smoothie On the Go

When people think about weight loss, some may think just eating less will work. From a scientific perspective, when the calories in are less than calories out this can work. However, what we eat as our calories in is so important! The mindset of eating less many times means skipping breakfast. This can lead to […]

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Train at Home

The number one excuse we hear at Fitness Revolution is, “getting to the gym is so hard.”  Well I’m going to give you the answer to your problem…….TRAIN AT HOME!!!  With all the technology out there and all the so called “experts” all over the internet, it should be pretty easy to get a workout […]

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Summer Slim Down 2014

Discover the Diet and Workout Program that will strip fat off your belly and get you toned up for the official kick off of summer! Get in the best shape of your life with just 3 simple workouts a week and a simple eating plan that will rev up your metabolism and have you looking […]

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Foam Roller Workshop

  Foam rolling is quickly becoming a staple in training programs worldwide.  From elite athletes to weekend warriors, you can walk into many training facilities and see people using a foam roller as a part of their training regimen. As with any new training implement there are many questions regarding foam rolling.   What benefits […]

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Get Lean in 14

Think back to the last time you went on a diet or started an exercise program with the goal of losing some weight. You tortured yourself by restricting your calories and spending countless, boring hours on the treadmill. You hated every minute of it, and even worse, you probably didn’t get the results you were […]

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Top 5 Reasons People Fail

Making a list of realistic fitness goals for yourself may be the first step for improving your quality of life. However, how you approach your goals can make a huge difference in if you are going to actually accomplish those goals or not. Today we are going to talk about the top 5 reasons people […]

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28-Day Weight Loss Program

Hey all, I know it sounds like a phony promise, just like the ones we hear from the magic pill-pushing companies; I thought the same thing.  But, “YES!” you CAN lose up to 20 pounds in 28 days…IF you have it to lose of course.  ;-b A huge reason that so few people can get […]

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Summer Slim Down

Discover the Diet and Workout Program that will strip fat off your belly and tone you up for the official kick off of summer! Imagine… A Training and Nutrition Program SO Effective, You Could Get 3x the Fat Loss in Just 28 Days—Just in Time for Summer! Here’s what you get: 3 Workouts per week […]

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