Fitness Revolution’s Fall Weight Loss Challenge

Lose up to 20lbs in the fastest, most efficient way possible with our strategic fat-burning nutrition and training systems?

Join The 8 Week Fall Partner Weight Loss Contest and Start Creating Your Own Success Story Today!

Dear Friend,

At Fitness Revolution, we have had tons of amazing success stories. We will even share a few of them with you today.

The one thing about each of these success stories is that they all started exactly where you are today. Well, maybe not exactly, but each one of them had to overcome obstacles and need help achieving their goals.

Craig Before 1

Craig before at 297 lbs

photo 2

Craig after 5 months 247 lbs

The people you see in our success stories are real people. They all had to struggle with their weight, overcome bad eating habits, and juggle a tight schedule.

But they didn’t let that hold them back. They had a goal to make a change, and they set out to achieve it!

You might be sitting here reading this thinking that there is no way you could have success like these people:

I decided to give Fitness Revolution a try after seeing the remarkable results my son achieved working with all the different trainers in the Speed and Agility program at Total Performance.  I signed up for a 30 day fitness/nutrition challenge in order to lose 20lbs in 30 days.  It took me a bit longer than 30 days to lose my first 20lbs (7 weeks) but I blame that on my 51 year-old metabolism!  So far, I have lost 23 lbs.  With each workout, I continue to feel leaner and stronger.  My goal is to lose another 17lbs, continue to get stronger and keep the weight off long term.

-Barbara N

I have done every program and belonged to every gym and this is by far the best one ever.  They take the time to truly get to know you and the trainers all communicate to keep tabs on your progress.  The best part is they give us all what we need the most…….. accountability!!!  I have been at this for nearly a year (the longest I’ve ever gone by the way) and I have never had the same workout twice.  They keep it fresh, exciting and interesting.  And just when you think you’ve seen it all, they come up with an exercise that affects muscles you didn’t know you had.  However, the best part is the value.  You get the benefits of a personal trainer at an unbelievable fair price.  I am convinced that there is no better program, team, or value in town.

– Jeff S

You couldn’t be more wrong!

You CAN and WILL achieve results just like Craig, Barbara, and Jeff because we have the perfect program for you!

Starting on September 29th 2014, we are kicking off our 1st annual Partner Weight Loss Contest.

This contest is perfect for those looking to get back into shape after a long summer. As school goes back into session, our schedules seem to become a little more predictable, so it is the perfect time to start focusing on your fitness and nutrition.

Not to mention the holidays are right around the corner (can you believe it?!), and you want to get a head start on next year’s resolutions. There is no reason to hold off on getting in shape until 2015. The perfect time to start is NOW!

Too many people work hard to get in shape for the summer and then let themselves go a little bit. Worse yet, they don’t ever get in shape before the summer, and they keep putting off getting in shape and reaching their fitness goals.

Are you one of those people that will always start next week?

Do you tell yourself that Monday will be the day that you are going to start eating right and exercising?

Well, it is time to stop!

It is time to take some serious action. Joining our 8 Week Fall Partner Weight Loss Contest is the perfect way to jumpstart your results and ensure that you reach your goals.

Why is this contest perfect for you?

Quite simply: because you need our help!

Doing this alone is too hard.

We’ve seen it countless times: Someone will want to get in shape and will come to us for guidance. When we offer a path to success, they believe they just need a written program designed by world-class coaches, which we are more than willing to provide.

But they quickly discover that reaching their fitness goals means more than just having the perfect program.

  • You often need outside motivation to push through the hard times.
  • You benefit tremendously from accountability provided by your coaches and peers to stay on track to reaching your goals.
  • You need to start building a support system and have a team of people around you who have a vested interest in your success.

This is why joining a program has such a powerful effect on your results: You’re no longer alone, on that island, and the more people who want you to succeed, the easier it will be for you!

When you join, you will:

  • Learn how to change your eating forever to keep your incredible results FOR LIFE
  • Get expert coaching and training programs from our world-class coaches
  • Stop wasting time on useless diets and training programs that leave you hungry and tired all the time
  • Build lasting friendships with your peers
  • Drop inches off your belly, hips, thighs, and all those other trouble spots
  • Build strong, lean, toned muscles to give you the athletic look you want
  • And Much, Much More!

Now It’s Your Turn!

In the Fall Partner Weight Loss Contest, you have two options:

Option One: Cost $20

  • Weigh 3 times through out the 8 weeks.  Specific weigh in dates will be sent to you once registered.
  • 4 Free training sessions to our Group Fitness Class or Iron Body Class.
  • Consultation to go over nutrition plan and answer any questions you have.

Option Two: Cost $200

  • Weigh 3 times through out the 8 weeks.  Specific dates will be sent to you once registered.
  • 1 month of unlimited training sessions in our Group Fitness Class or Iron Body Class
  • Consult to go over nutrition plan and answer any questions you have.

Don’t waste any more time being unhappy with the way you look, spending countless hours in the gym—or worse yet, on a boring treadmill—and struggling to figure out what to eat to help you get the body you want.

We have already done all that for you.

We have put together the ultimate training program to get you the results you want in the least amount of time possible.

We have dialed in our nutrition programs to give you simple, time-saving meal plans that not only help you lose fat but taste great! Unlike crash or fad diets, this is a way of eating that can work for ANY health and fitness goals and that can serve you for LIFE.

And your peers act as your support system, as they are going through this TOGETHER with you.

This contest is a must attend! There is no reason for you to not join, unless you are 100% satisfied with the body you have now.

So, get up and go look in the mirror.

Seriously, get up and take a quick look at yourself, and if you are 100% satisfied with the body that you see, then you can stop reading now. However, if you have some areas that you want to work on, notice a little bit of fat you’d like to lose around your midsection, or are unhappy with a few trouble spots that you have struggled for years to improve, then this program is perfect for you!

Frank Wozny


P.S We realize you might have some questions about the contest, so we have provided the FAQ here:

When do you we start?

We will hold our first weight in on September 29th. Prior to beginning, we will be working with you to collect pertinent information, get you set up for your training, and do the all-important first assessment.

How much can I expect to lose during these 8 weeks?

That is all very individual. We have had people lose as much as 20 lbs and as little as 5. It all depends on where you are starting out and how much effort you put into your training and nutrition during the 8-week contest.

It also depends on where you are starting. If you have a small frame or are looking to get stronger, you might not lose as much as someone in a different scenario.

Our biggest focus is on helping you get fit and healthy, whatever that may mean to you. (Keep in mind that the winners are chosen not just by number of pounds lost but by percentage of weight lost.)

If I am a current member, what do I pay?

You will just need to find a partner from class or outside of class and pay $20 and show up to class and all the weigh-ins.

What if I want to keep my nutrition/training/lifestyle the same?

That is your decision to make! We will supply you with an amazing nutrition plan that has been proven to get results, and we will provide you world-class training, but you have the choice to follow it or do it on your own. However, we think that you know which one will lead to better results.

If I follow your nutrition plan, will I be starving all the time?

Simply, no. The plan is based around sound nutritional principles that have helped countless people manage their weight before, and it is based on eating whole, unprocessed, and high-quality foods. You likely may be eating more vegetables than you are used to, but we ensure that you have the knowledge to prepare them deliciously. Rarely is hunger a big issue on this plan; the biggest thing people have to worry about is buying slimmer pants.

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