Top 5 Reasons People Fail

Making a list of realistic fitness goals for yourself may be the first step for improving your quality of life. However, how you approach your goals can make a huge difference in if you are going to actually accomplish those goals or not. Today we are going to talk about the top 5 reasons people fail at obtaining their goals. By avoiding these top 5 five failures we will show you how you can actually set realistic goals and achieve it. 

1. Past Failure

Fear of past failures often deters people from starting a new fitness program. If you have failed before, ask yourself why? Was it one of the things on this list? Was it the training? Was it the nutrition? Identifying what caused past failures and setting a road map to get around those road blocks will set you on the right path towards success. Keeping a fitness journal can help you identify what is, or is not, working in your program.

2. Making Excuses

Kids, work, family, fatigue, too busy, procrastination, etc. These are the most common reasons people state that they can’t fulfill their goals. According to the average person, there simply is not enough time in the day.There is certainly no reason you can’t manage to find 30 minutes in your day to set aside for a quick, yet effective (refer to #5) workout. The only thing stopping you from achieving success is you! As an essential aspect of your life and overall well-being, fitness needs to be amongst the top of your priority list. Organizing your day, week and/or month can help eradicate these age-old excuses.

3. Lack of Knowledge

Determining the correct fitness plan for oneself is a science. The most challenging hurdle people often encounter is where to begin and how to proceed. Fortunately for you there are professionals that have spent ample time studying and implementing this science! The anatomy of the body is often compared to the inner-workings of a car. For peak performance you would take your vehicle to a professional to have him optimize it. Why not do the same for your body? If you are not fully confident with your knowledge of fitness, talk to a professional and allow them to devise a plan for you!

4. Commitment

People often set fitness goals without the true commitment and drive it takes to get there. If your commitment level isn’t where it needs to be to accomplish that goal, try starting with a smaller, more tangible goal. Success in smaller goals will cause you to strive for more and more. Realistic goals lead to success and success leads to ambition. If you find yourself questioning your commitment, ask yourself if your goals are realistic.

5. Lack of Effort

Although commitment and effort can often be misconstrued as one in the same, this is not so. One may be fully committed to their goal with aspirations of achieving it, but do not put in the required work. We are defining effort in this situation as doing the most that one can, not simply going through the motions. Commit to the plan you’ve laid out for yourself then complete it to the best of your ability.

Avoiding these 5 roadblocks will help get you headed in the right direction when you are trying to reach a certain fitness goal. During this process you need to remember that you are not alone. Any goal worth setting is definitely worth putting time and effort into. If you need help figuring out the right plan, set up a FREE fitness consultation with any of our amazing trainers at Fitness Revolution. 


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