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The number one excuse we hear at Fitness Revolution is, “getting to the gym is so hard.”  Well I’m going to give you the answer to your problem…….TRAIN AT HOME!!!  With all the technology out there and all the so called “experts” all over the internet, it should be pretty easy to get a workout in at home.  So what I want to do is give you a few exercises that need little to no equipment but are safe and easy to do at home.

1.  Push Up – Everyone knows how to do a push up, but can you do them correctly is the key. push up First you start with your chest on the floor and your hands out just wider than your shoulders.  While keeping your body straight, from your toes to your shoulders, press your body off the floor by extending your arms completely.  This is your starting position.  From this position you will lower your body until your chest touches the floor and then return to the starting position.   This exercise is the KING of all upper body exercises and is a great starting point for anyone trying to get back into shape.  Start by doing as many as you can and then try to add one each time.

Lunge2.  Lunges – I know, I heard the ugh when you read the word LUNGES bust this is one of those exercises that involves many different parts of your body at once giving you more Bang for the Buck.  First start by taking a large step forward, landing with your entire foot on the ground.  Next you bend your back knee and lower it toward the ground.  Once your back knee slightly touches the ground, push backward with your front foot and return to the starting position.  This exercise is great for strengthening your entire lower body and core.  Start by doing 5-10 with each leg, making sure you do an equal number on each side.  You can do this with or without dumbbells depending on your comfort level.

3.  Sit Ups – This is the exercise everybody wants to do but possibly is doing wrong.  First start osit uput on your back with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground.  Now take your arms are place them across your chest, doing this prevents you from pulling on your neck during the exercise. Then as the name of the movement suggests, sit straight up.  Once you are sitting all the way up, slowly lower your body back to the floor.  This exercise is great for strengthening your abdominal muscles and toning that mid-section.  Start by doing 10-15 and add reps as they get easier.

These are 3 exercises that are extremely safe and effective and can help you get back into shape.  With these quick and easy to do exercises of not having time to get to the gym is no longer an excuse!! For more information contact Fitness Revolution at (734)221-0054 or email them at

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